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Oyster Peptide
Oyster Peptide
Oyster Peptide
Oyster Peptide

Oyster Peptide

Manufacturer:Meitek  Qingdao

Enterprise qualification:HALAL、NSF、ISO9001 、ISO22000、HACCP、Food Production License

Person in charge: Products




A collagen peptide produced from fresh oyster.

Applications: skin management, men health, etc


Physical Properties

Smell and TasteWith characteristic taste
State of organizationPowder,No agglomerate ,No visible impurities

Physical Chemistry Indexes

 Total Nitrogen(Dry basis),  (%)≥9.0
Peptide (Dry basis) (%) ≥50
Moisture(%) ≤10.0
Ash (%)  ≤8.0

Package and Label

Packing container must be special, clean, dry and light proof sealed, should meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety, no obvious damage, and tight sealing.

The label should be clearly including product name, weight, manufacture date, batch number, manufacturer and address, executive standard and producing license number.


The inner packing of the product adopts independent food-grade PE bag which can be separated from the outer bag. It is dust-proof and moisture-proof. The strength can bear its own weight and can withstand multiple handling. The outer packing shall be sealed with dustproof and lightproof, kraft paper bags, paper-plastic composite bags, paper tubes, cartons and wooden cases can be used. 15kg/bag or 20kg/bag.


Transportation requirements

The transport vehicle must be clean and meet the transport requirements of food raw materials. It shall not be mixed with toxic and harmful substances, and shall be protected from the sun, rain, moisture and heat.

Storage and shelf life      

Store in ventilated and dry place, sealed storage. Shelf life is 24 months.



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