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Quality Assurance

We are a leading manufacturer and provider of ingredients of dietary supplements

Meitek was awarded the High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2013. In the same year, Mattel successfully passed USP certification (United States Pharmacopoeia Commission - the global authoritative standards for medicinal substances and food supplements).

In 2015,Meitek's five major products were awarded the food production license, mattel's chondroitin sulfate products were granted the export qualification of eu, and Mattel successfully passed the USP review.

In 2016,Meitek won 8 utility model patents, and mattel Technology won the title of Shandong Famous Trademark.

In 2017,Meitek was recognized as Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center.

In 2018, Meitek was awarded the "Three Products" Demonstration Enterprise of Qingdao consumer goods industry in 2018.

Tai technology enterprise strength - hardware advantage

Meitek has GMP standard plant, purification level up to 100,000, the company introduces high-tech production technology and complete quality control system, strictly control the quality of each channel, to create high-quality products trusted by consumers.

Meitek has an independent standardized testing center, equipped with high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, potential titration instrument, 1/100,000 and 1/10,000 level, ULTRAVIOLET spectrophotometer, polarimeter, electrophoresis instrument and other advanced testing instruments. Among them, the company invested 100 million yuan to introduce world-class production equipment such as CPS Netherlands and Tetra Tra Sweden, as well as the most advanced detection instruments such as Agilent 6890 and 7890 gas chromatograph, Mettler -- Tolidor T50 potential titrator from Switzerland, And LC-20AT liquid chromatograph from Shimazu, Japan. Detection technology and effect have reached the industry's advanced level. Professional equipment, strict four inspection, to ensure high quality products.

Meitek enterprise strength -- talent advantage

In product research and development, the company has increased efforts to overcome difficulties, established a professional RESEARCH and development laboratory, and established an excellent research and development team of medical and health products in China, with 12 professional research and development personnel including foreign doctors, professors from domestic famous universities, and chondroitin industry experts. The annual investment in research and development is more than 10 million yuan.

In 2007, the company first established scientific research cooperation with the National Institutes of Health of the United States, and set up a project team to solve the key problem of small molecule chondroitin extraction. After more than three years of hard work, we finally succeeded in extracting small molecules of chondroitin with molecular weight between 2000 and 5000, becoming the first international enterprise to break through this technical problem.

Our products cover chondroitin sulfate, enzyme solution type II collagen, bone and cartilage of chicken type II collagen (cartilage extract), fish, hydrolyzed collagen, DHA&AA powder, krill oil, conjugated linoleic acid powder microcapsule embedding powder series, such as plant fat powder nutrition health care such as raw material, widely used in food, health food, formula, special diets, etc.

Meitek quality control

Mattel has a sound quality management system and an independent quality management department with many years of experience in international pharmaceutical factories. The manager of the quality management department is directly responsible to the general manager. The quality system is completely established according to cGMP, ICH Q7A and USP requirements, starting from material supplier audit, layer upon layer check, so that unqualified materials will not be released, unqualified products will not be released to the market. Strictly control the production process, operate in strict accordance with the requirements of system documents, and deal with the deviation found in the process in time. In addition, the establishment of a sound product traceability and recall system.

With the implementation of the strategy of industrialization of the whole company, as well as mattel people increasingly aggressive, mattel's overall strength of science and technology as well as the influence in the industry will be more and more big, in the future we will continue to develop, development, production and sales of high quality nutrition health food, with excellent nutrition products to help people to improve health, enhance people's quality of life.

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